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How many bundles do I need for a full look?Updated 2 months ago

A general rule is that the longer your bundles are, the more hair you’re going to need. If you’re going to use a closure or frontal, you can generally get away with using slightly less hair. The chart below will help you decide how many bundles you need based on length:

Texture can also play a role in deciding how many bundles to purchase. With curlier textures, you can get away with fewer bundles since the hair density is naturally more full. We recommend 2-3 for a naturally full look. Although Mayvenn straight hair is still dense from root to tip, you might need more bundles to create a super full look. We recommend 3-4 depending on the length.

Check out our Real Beautiful blog post, for even more information on choosing the right amount of bundles.

Be sure to contact your Mayvenn Certified Stylist or our Customer Service team at 1-888-562-7952 if you have any questions or need help deciding on a look!

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